By Gerald Humphries

As you begin to get older there are several things that you are more prone to, and unfortunately falls are one of them. The leading cause of death and injury in over 65 year olds is from falls, and this alarming rate is on the increase. The seniors that experience these falls can suffer from a huge number of different injuries. They may experience everything from mild sprains to severe broken bones, and head injuries. Although some falls are unavoidable, others can be evaded if you are physically fit and active.

Some older people feel there is no point in exercising, and that it is too late in their life to begin. However, this is untrue and any senior person can begin an exercise routine to suit their fitness level. No matter what exercise is carried out it will be beneficial to you, and hopefully, you can avoid a fall in the future. Even seniors that are disabled will be able to carry out some form of exercise routine. There are many different exercise programmed designed to suit everyone no matter what your disability is.

As well as a good exercise program, a balanced diet will also help you to remain healthy. Taking vitamin D has also been proved to help with falling over in senior people, and for some people this is easy to achieve. Your body will produce vitamin D by itself when you are outside in the sunshine, so if you are lucky to live in sunny climates you will benefit from going outside. Whilst you are outside you can begin to complete some of the basic balance training exercises designed to reduce the risk of falling over. Tai Chi, dancing and balancing on one foot will also help you to train your balance.

Strengthening your legs is also very important as many seniors spend longer sitting down their legs will become weaker. Basic exercises can be done three times a week for as little as 20 minutes a session. If you are fortunate enough to be a member of a gym, there are many pieces of different equipment that you can use. Asking the staff to show you the correct method of training will enable you to be taught the correct way to strengthen your legs.

If you are not keen on joining the gym or an exercise class something as simple as walking can help to strengthen your legs. Walking to the shops daily will stretch your legs, and help you to remain active. Even if you need to use a stick or frame the simple motion of walking can really help you in so many different ways. No matter how old you are, there is still a great deal of life left in you, and by keeping mobile and active, you can ensure that you remain healthy.

The basic exercise routine that you participate in with helps you to avoid disease, ill health and falls. As well as exercise and balance training you should ensure that you get a good night sleep, and have regular checkups. Both your ears and eyes will need testing regularly to ensure that they are not causing your unbalance. Once you are cleared to exercise you will love the freedom of movement it allows you, and you will feel so much younger.

Article by Gerald Humphries

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