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Here are three options for getting on an effective senior fitness program which is tailored specifically for older adults seeking to improve their health and fitness so they can experience increased energy and improved strength.

  1. TV or VIDEO. There is a popular program on PBS called “Sit and Be Fit” which is a great way for seniors to engage in exercise in the comfort of their own home. This senior fitness program allows you the option of standing or sitting to perform the exercises. The instructor is very good and performs simple, low impact movements which most seniors will be able to perform. The drawback with TV exercise programs is that you have to exercise at the specific time that the program is on. Another option would be video or DVD programs which you could play at your convenience.
  2. GYM and PERSONAL TRAINER. Another good option is joining a gym and getting a personal trainer. Right away you may see the dollar signs and might feel this option is too expensive. You might be surprised that there are some good gym membership deals out there which sometimes includes personal training as well. A trainer is very important for everyone, but especially for seniors. As you get older you are more prone to twisting this or pulling that, so it is important for a trainer to show you the exact form and technique necessary for a safe and effective workout. When we were younger we could get away with “imperfect form”. But as we get older we really require near perfect form for all the exercises we do.
  3. SENIOR FITNESS ONLINE. Now even if you are not heavy into computers you should still heavily consider this option as it is usually the cheapest, most convenient and the easiest to implement. You can even have a friend print everything out and set up easy to watch video tutorials in only a few minutes. There are a variety of senior fitness programs online which cover everything from light weight workouts and stretching exercises, to a variety of seated workouts as well. Usually the instruction is by another senior which makes a HUGE difference. If you go to a gym and get a trainer, chances are he or she will be a 20 something who isn’t familiar with the common aches, pains, and challenges older individuals have. A senior fitness program online which features an older trainer will typically design a routine based on what he or she has learned to be the easiest and most effective.

Here is an excellent senior fitness program online which features a senior trainer who has developed an easy, convenient and effective way to stay fit, increase energy, and develop strength –

These programs eliminate the need to join a gym and hire a trainer. They have been developed as a way to get the best results right in your home. Check out the testimonials from other seniors who have found these routines highly beneficial –

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