By Miguel Franco

Over the years, people have always looked for answers about how to get motivated and fit, spending the least amount of time, and of course by doing something that works. I’ve also been puzzled by this question and I have come to a simple answer; in-home personal training. But why is in-home personal training so effective? Well let’s get some answers.

First of all, exercising is not so easy for every person, we are naturally wired to save energy as a way to survive due to our ancestors periods of famine, but today things are a little bit different. We don’t have to hunt or chase prey, we don’t have to go through starvation, we have plenty of food sources in industrialized countries, also the food is hyper-caloric, and on top of that we work more at home compared to a few decades ago, now days we walk less and have the fridge very close to us. (not a good thing). These lifestyle changes have helped re-wire our brains in such a way that we crave sedentarism and high fat, sugary foods and tend to avoid expending energy (for instance we would rather watch TV than to go for a walk).

We all know this behaviour is self-destructive, but our brain seems to be OK with it. The first answer to becoming more active would be to join a gym or to be more physically active. This change might happen for a few weeks, but if you have to commit to the gym or are not comfortable in such an environment, then you are likely to stop, plus the ordeal of driving with traffic and parking might become a frustration, so as you can see, sometimes getting fit is not as easy as it seems. This frustration drives us to the point that we decide that exercise is not for us and that we will pick it up sometime in the near future (keep in mind that in sedentary period you might develop a chronic disease like high blood pressure or diabetes, to name a few).

When you engage in an in-home personal training program, the best thing is that you compromise in Economical terms. This somehow will give you some pressure motivation to stick to it. Second, an in-home personal training program will eliminate commuting especially for those that do not have the time to spend driving back and forth to the gym, finding a parking post in the middle of the winter, getting the gym bag, locker etc.

In an in-home personal training program, the trainer will come to you which will save time by providing you with a specific workout, educational tools and nevertheless motivation. Another good thing is that we feel more comfortable exercising at home. No big guys screaming or big muscle guys sticking their chest out, no don Juan trying to bother you. At home you can have privacy and that is priceless.

An in home personal trainer depending on his/her qualifications,will be able to answer some of your questions regarding exercise, provide you with nutritional programs, etc, all included in the comfort of our homes. Other beneficial reasons, to name a few, will be: sharing the joy of exercise with family members, engaging your kids as a parent, for instance if they see you exercising they most likely to do that in the future, cleanliness of training in your own environment (less likely to catch colds due to unsanitary equipment in a gym). If you want to spend the least amount of time and get results making in home personal training a part of your life it’s a great choice.

Miguel Franco B.A. Hons. Kin CSEP-CEP

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Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst