By Adam Hamm

With the world constantly moving at a faster rate and all of its inhabitants trying to keep up, it gets easy to make excuses and fall short on your fitness goals. This in conjunction with a cost of $50 – $120 an hour for the services of a personal trainer can make it nearly impossible for even the most driven and dedicated people to achieve the bodies that they want. This is where online personal training comes into the picture!

The benefits of having your own online personal trainer!

It’s much more affordable than in-person training

Let’s face it, no matter how unfair it is, money effects everyone in a big way. If money were no object everyone would have a personal trainer to help them make an effective workout routine and nutrition plan while they lead them to their fitness goals. At a rate of $50 – $120 per hour for an in person fitness instructor this scenario is out of reach for many people today. With online packages starting at $80 per month instead of per hour, online personal training makes having the guidance and experience from a real certified personal trainer much more affordable to the average person. The skills and knowledge of a personal trainer is no longer a privilege reserved for the rich and famous. With online personal training you receive daily instruction and workout plans as well as email support for any questions you may have, nutritional coaching to guide you in the kitchen, and a monthly video conference to allow you to have a face to face conversation with your fitness trainer.

Online training allows you to work out where you want on your schedule

Having an In person trainer means that you need to attend a specific gym, at a specific time. This scenario doesn’t work for many people for a number of reasons. Maybe you travel frequently and cannot attend the same gym again and again. You may be too embarrassed to work out in front of others at this point in your fitness goal but need the guidance of a personal trainer. Or maybe the cost of a gym membership in addition to even one hour per week of personal training is out of your budget. Using online personal training allows you to work out where you want when you want. This allows your schedule to be much more flexible than if you were tied to specific times that you had to be at the gym while still having someone watching and motivating you making sure that you are staying on track. Also online personal training does not require you to have expensive gym equipment. Using bodyweight and things as simple as gallons of water you are able to get a great workout in your own living room with no equipment at all.

The Program Is Customized To You

While there are many online workout routines on numerous popular websites, these workouts are not designed specifically for you or your goals. Having a “One Size Fits All” workout and nutrition program while promising amazing results is similar to having a one size fits all pair of pants with a guarantee that every one of any weight and body shape will look good in them. It simply doesn’t make sense. With your Online personal training package you receive an initial video conference where you and your trainer will talk about what your goals are and what preferences you have as far as foods and exercises. This allows you to get a REAL personalized program from a certified fitness instructor which will allow you to have confidence that the program will work for you and your goals.

The Program Is Able to Change with Your Body

Many people are unaware that as the body changes so should the nutritional and fitness program. As your body loses weight your BMI and RMR (Basal Metabolic Rate and Resting Metabolic Rate) also go down which means you will lose less weight and eventually halt weight loss all together if the nutritional program stays the same. This in addition to inevitable plateaus make a program that can be tweaked to ensure that the client does not stall and lose motivation a vital part of a training program. As well as having the ability to change the program online personal training also adds the benefit of constant support via unlimited email and messaging questions between client and trainer ensuring that you are never left wondering on your fitness journey!


Online Personal Training is a great option for many people and although it does have some short falls compared to in-person training the pros far outweigh the cons. Ensure that you read through what is included in each program and make sure it meets your needs. Do you need custom workouts, nutrition coaching, support 7 days per week, or someone looking over your shoulder to ensure you are on the right path? If so online training is for you!

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